2 June 2022, FEAD’s 40th anniversary and biennial conference at IFAT Munich

FEAD proudly celebrated its 40th anniversary during its Biennial Conference at a hybrid event dedicated to our holistic approach to waste management, from circular economy to climate change. The conference took place on the 2nd of June 2022 (10h00 – 12h00) at IFAT Munich.

Both the conference and our 40th anniversary publication were extremely well received, and FEAD was delighted by the high turnout of participants both in person and online.

We had several highlights and shared moments, with a video message from the EU Commissioner for Environment (Virginijus Sinkevičius) and a keynote address by the Bulgarian Deputy Minister in charge of Waste Management (Nikolay Sidzhimov), followed by our panels of experts sharing their thoughts and insights into how the waste management sector contributes to circularity and to the fight against climate change.

We were able to interview some of the participants and panelists during the reception afterward and everyone especially enjoyed the 40th Anniversary black forest gateau.

The Secretary General FEAD, Valérie Plainemaison, presented to each past president of FEAD, a personalized and framed certificate ensuring the protection of 40m² of Peruvian rainforest symbolizing 40 years of FEAD.

For more information about rainforest certificate click here:

Recipients of certificate:

MemberYearPast president
BDE (DE)1985 – 1989Norbert Rethmann
ASELIP (ES)1989 – 1993Francisco Jardon
ESA (UK)1996 – 2000Keith Bury
FNADE (FR)2000 – 2004Dominique Pin
VOEB (AT)2004 – 2006Peter Kneissl
ESA (UK)2006 -2008Michael Averill
FNADE (FR)2008 – 2009Pierre Rellet
FISE (IT)2009 – 2011Carlo Noto La Diega
BDE (DE)2011 – 2014Peter Kurth
ESA (UK)2014 – 2017David Palmer-Jones
FNADE (FR)2017 – 2019Jean-Marc Boursier

For more information about the event, please read our press release here.

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To read the full version of our 40th anniversary publication, please follow this link.



  • Introduction & welcome by Peter Kurth, FEAD President
  • Video message by Virginijus Sinkevičius, EU Commissioner for Environment
  • Keynote speech by Nikolay Sidzhimov, Deputy Minister for Environment and Water, Bulgaria
  • Special address by Keith Bury, past president of FEAD  

Block 1 – Markets, markets, and markets: key conditions for success

How mandatory recycled content changes the game by creating a strong demand that will trigger investments. How can we ensure high-quality recyclates and strong and suitable monitoring and calculation methods as secondary issues: waste shipments to irrigate the circular economy?


  • CAObH (Petr Kratochvil)
  • BASF (Holger Kuhlmann)
  • EU Commission, DG ENVI (Helmut Maurer)

Block 2 – Innovation, green and digital economy go hand in hand in the waste management sector

  • Presentation of 3 innovation projects by FEAD members + a short debate.

Why is waste management becoming a technology-based activity? What does it mean in terms of R&D, investments, economic and legal security? To which extent do innovation and digitalisation contribute to a performant waste management sector and the achievement of the EU Green Deal? Are there limitations?


  • Suez “BioResourceLab” (Pablo Kroff)
  • Remondis Innovation Hub (Johannes Schoen & Andreas von Kaenel)
  • Prezero: wind turbine blades recycling (Elena Jimenez Coloma)

Moderated by Claudia Mensi, FEAD vice-President.

Block 3 – Waste management: a champion for avoided CO2 in the economy

This study commissioned by FEAD and others demonstrates a significant potential for reducing CO2 emissions by the waste management sector by 2035. What would be the conditions/limitations to reach this potential?


  • Prognos CO2 study (Dr. Bärbel Birnstengel)
  • DWMA (Unico Van Kooten)
  • Plastics Recyclers Europe (Chaim Waibel)
  • CEWEP (Ella Stengler)
  • EU Commission, DG ENVI (Helmut Maurer)


  • Concluding remarks by FEAD Vice President and incoming President Claudia Mensi.

Moderation: Valérie Plainemaison, FEAD Secretary-General.