22/09 > 22/09   |   2022

CEN-CENELEC Office, Rue de la Science 23, 1040 Brussel

Past event

FEAD’s & CAObH’ event on Greater Energy and Material Security in EU Countries

Date & Time: 22 September 2022 – 08.30 to 15.30 (lunch at 14.30)



Marriott Hotel Courtyard – V Celnici 8 110 00, Prague, Czechia


How is the current energy crisis affecting recycling? What should be the role of residual, non recyclable waste in the energy mix? Are European environmental goals at odds, for example recycling vs reducing greenhouse gas emissions? Do “old” and “young” EU states have the same options when fulfilling them?

These are just some of the topics that will be covered during the event, which is held in light of the running Czech presidency and in the context of the current energy crisis.

The conference programme is divided into three main blocs. ENERGY, RECYCLING, ECONOMY & CLIMATE.
Representatives of the industry will give speeches in each of them, followed by a panel discussion comprising of experts, representatives of the state administration and representatives of the European institutions.

Given the limited spots available, it is highly recommended to register.

You can find all of the conference’s presentations here.

Programme & Speakers: 

Registration – Morning coffee | 08:30

Opening Session | 9:00

  • Anna Hubáčková, Minister of Environment
  • Michal Stieber, Chairman of the Executive Committee of ČAObH
  • Peter Kurth, President of FEAD
  • Virginijus Sinkevičius, European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries
  • Aurel Ciobanu Dordea, Director for Circular Economy, European Commission, DV ENVI

bloc ENERGY – experts present solutions | 10:00

  • Miroslav Zajíček, Veolia – How can waste contribute to solving energy security?
  • Michal Čoupek, Pražské služby – Unsortable municipal waste and its role in the energy mix
  • Tomáš Voltr, Energy Financial Group – Bio-waste as a contribution to energy security
  • Alexandr Vondra, MEP – ETS for waste-to-energy, YES or NO?

Panel Discussion | 10:30

  • Bohuslav Čížek, SPČR, Pablo Kroff, SUEZ, Michal Stieber, Chairman of the Executive Committee of ČAObH,
    Aurel Ciobanu Dordea, European Commission, DV ENVI

Coffee Break | 11:00

bloc RECYCLING – experts present solutions | 11:15

  • Petr Špičák, Recovera  Options and limitations of mechanical recycling of plastics
  • Martin Růžička, Unipetrol – Chemical recycling as a solution for heterogeneous plastics
  • Mojmír Urbánek, CIUR – Recyling with a high environmental benefit cannot be downcycling
  • Ivo Dubš, Demonta Trade Advanced metal recycling in automotive industry
  • Petr Kratochvíl, Ecobat – Obstacles to battery recycling

Panel Discussion | 12:00

  • Annick Meerschman, CEFIC, Zbyněk Kozel, EKO-KOM, Eduard Muřický, Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, Aurel Ciobanu Dordea, European Commission, DV ENV

Lunch | 12:30

bloc ECONOMY and CLIMATE – presentations | 13:30

  • Bärbel Birnstenge, Prognos AG – CO2 and recycling goals, options for reduction of CO2 emissions in European circular economy
  • Joachim Quoden, EXPRA – Producers responsibility as an economic tool, the role of EPR
  • Aleš Rod, CETA – Comparison of regulations and EPR systems across the EU

Panel discussion and final debate | 14:30

  • Peter Kurth, FEAD, Bärbel Birnstenge, Prognos AG, Michal Stieber, ČAObH, David Surý, Deputy Minister of the Environment, Aurel Ciobanu Dordea, European Commission, DV ENVI

Networking invitation | 15:30