June 12, 2023

FEAD pledges commitment of the waste management industry

Recycling Magazine – 12 June – FEAD pledges the commitment of the waste management industry to enhancing recycling targets, after a Commission report indicated that a significant number of EU Member States fall behind in achieving them. The Early Warning Report (EWR) published on 8 June highlights the pressing need for stronger efforts to meet the recycling objectives and underscores the crucial role of the waste management industry in achieving a sustainable circular economy. According to the EWR, only nine out of the 27 EU member states are projected to meet the targets of preparing for reuse and recycling 55% of municipal waste and recycling 65% of all packaging waste by 2025, raising concerns that the objective of recycling 60% of municipal waste by 2030 may be at risk, particularly in the challenging area of plastic packaging recycling.

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