Our focus & priorities

Our members represent the entire waste management value chain, offer a holistic overview on the industry, and focus on providing a second life to waste and resource.

FEAD – Representing the entire value chain

FEAD’s 40th anniversary publication

Focus 2019 – 2024

Ambitious waste recycling targets for municipal, packaging, C&D waste by 2025 and 2030 (new Circular economy package, European strategy for plastic, revision of the Waste Directives)

Mandatory recycled content in PET bottles by 2025 and in beverage containers by 2030

Ensuring safe recycling environment by accelerating the work on the interface aspects between chemicals, waste and product policies.

Fead brochure 2019 – 2024

Leading Europe towards a circular economy.

Our top priorities

Our priorities promote the transition towards a more circular society and reflect the key policies that drive change in the field of waste management.


Foster resource efficiency

Recycle as much as possible, yet recognise that not all waste can be recycled either technically nor economically at this moment in time

Recover energy and construction materials from non-recyclable and non-compostable wastes in waste-to-energy facilities



Introduce mandatory recycled content requirements, to build on proposals for PET bottles, to create strong European markets for recycled materials

Improve the recyclability of products through eco-design and reduce of substances of concern, and where needed, to contribute to efficient EPR schemes

Ensure the implementation of existing recycling targets at national level

Use eco-labelling to empower consumer decision making

Leverage public sector buying power through obligatory green public procurement

Accelerate programmes designed to strengthen regulatory enforcement to help all EU Member States reach their recycling targets


Encourage private sector investment in the circular economy

Enforce Single Market rules on state aid

Open up household waste markets to competition and give private entities a level playing field

Abolish the principle of unanimity in the process of negotiations related to VAT harmonisation in the European Union