September 22, 2022

FEAD & ČAObH joint event on Greater Energy and Material Security in EU Countries

Prague, 22 September 2022 – FEAD, the voice of Europe’s private resource and waste management industry, alongside its Czech member, the Czech Association of Circular Economy (ČAObH), organised a successful event on Greater Energy and Material Security in EU Countries.

The hybrid event hosted prominent politicians, experts, and high-level EU officials including Virginijus Sinkevičius, European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Anna Hubáčková, Minister of Environment of the Czech Republic, Aurel Ciobanu Dordea, the Commission’s Director for Circular Economy, DV ENV, and the heads of the organising associations Peter Kurth, President of FEAD and Michal Stieber, Chairman of ČAObH Executive Committee.

The event was split into three parts and the first part explained how energy recovery from residual, non-recyclable waste can contribute to energy security and was supported by evidence provided from industry experts and followed by a panel discussion. In the second part more experts discussed the current opportunities and challenges of recycling, while the third round of discussions focused on the economy and climate.

Peter Kurth, FEAD President said:

“The European waste management sector plays a key role in achieving a more circular economy, industrial competitiveness, and material security. It can be a decisive ally for the independence of Europe’s critical raw materials. Along with other industries, recycling faces critical times and must be promoted with adequate regulatory signals, such as mandatory recycled contents, starting with some priority products.

Waste management companies enable the transition to a circular economy by producing resources and energy, which are re-injected back into the economy, and which contribute to EU’s green transition.”

Michal Stieber, Chairman of ČAObH Executive Committee, said:

“Energy recovery from non-recyclable, residual waste is integral to circular economy. A positive recognition of energy recovery is definitely needed, also in the context of the current energy crisis. Our sector calls to avoid EU or national ETS rules that penalise Waste-to-Energy and for Taxonomy criteria for Waste-to-Energy and policies that will boost recycling and stop massive landfilling.”

FEAD warmly thanks all the panelists for their participation and welcomes the widespread interest from attendees across Europe, online and in-person.

The conference recordings are available here.

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