July 12, 2022

FEAD feedback to the European Commission’s Construction Products Regulation

FEAD welcomes the Commission’s proposal for a new Construction Products Regulation and its main objectives of achieving a well-functioning single market for construction products and contributing to the goals of the green and digital transition.

The European Waste Management Industry gives a strong contribution in the transition to a circular economy of the construction products sector. Considering that construction and demolition waste (CDW) accounts for more than a third of all waste generated in the EU, in some Member States the waste management industry is capable to reach a level of recycling and material recovery over 90%.

This value could be achieved in all Member States thanks to the impulse of the Institutions through new legislation.

FEAD fully supports one of the requirements of Annex I Part C of the new proposal, that states that products shall be designed and manufactured maximising recycled content, wherever possible and without safety loss or outweighing negative environmental impact.

The CPR proposal provides that the requirements set out in the Annex I will be specified by the Commission by means of delegated acts.

With reference to the package of European Green Deal proposals presented by the Commission to make sustainable products the norm in the EU and boost circular business models, FEAD believes that the Eco-design Forum foreseen in the Sustainable Product Initiative is crucial, also for Construction Products.

The waste management sector plays an essential role in the products’ life cycle. More so in a circular economy, where valuable secondary raw materials from recycling are re-looped into the value chain. It is therefore also essential that recyclers and end-of life treatment facilities are included among the parties to the Eco-design Forum to contribute to the preparation of strong environmental requirements.

FEAD Secretariat