July 16, 2021

FEAD Press Release – “Fit for 55” Package

Brussels, 16 July 2021 – FEAD welcomes the package of proposals aimed at making the EU “fit for 55” and deliver the crucially needed change to achieve a fair, competitive and green transformation. In line with the EU Green Deal’s objectives, the waste management sector renews its commitment on climate and circular economy objectives, by stepping up its decisive contribution to a climate neutral economy.

FEAD notes that:

  • the increased effort to reduce emissions for the whole waste management sector will continue to be made under the Effort Sharing Regulation, which is a more appropriate tool for our sector compared to the EU ETS.
  • as investments to allow the industry to transition (i.e. through the uptake of low-carbon technologies) are needed, project-financing under the increased resources of the Innovation Fund is welcomed, and should be readily available to finance projects all along the waste value chain, including, inter alia, the potential implementation of CCS/CCU for waste-to-energy installations.
  • biomass derived from waste and related products play an important role in providing sustainable solutions to our economies, by allowing to use the energy potential from biodegradable residues. For this reason, we believe that the taxation of biomass-derived fuels under the proposal for revision of the Energy Taxation Directive should fully reflect their carbon neutrality, to acknowledge they key role they play in transitioning and not penalise their development.

In this regard, FEAD President, Peter Kurth stressed that:

The waste management sector plays a pivotal role in achieving the EU’s climate goals. For this reason, the set of proposals under the “fit for 55 package” is a major and ambitious step forward. To ensure the peculiarity of the waste management sector in Europe is fully recognised, the transition in waste management should be critically supported by public funding all along the waste management chain.

FEAD renews its commitment as an active partner in the upcoming discussions in the different legislative processes.

FEAD Secretariat