December 11, 2019

FEAD welcomes the European Green Deal

Wednesday, 11th December 2019

FEAD supports the ambitious strategy proposed by the European Commission and its European Green Deal that was adopted today.

As the EU trade association representing the private waste and resource management industry across Europe, FEAD positions itself as a key partner in the EU public debate and regulatory action.

  • FEAD highlights that the circular economy can only be achieved through stronger demand for recyclates, efficient markets, and fair competition.
  • FEAD asks the EU for strong and mandatory rules for eco-design, as a key tool for the prevention of waste and more recycling.
  • Boosting the recycling chain, and minimising disposal, implies that energy recovery of non-recyclable waste be recognised as an indispensable tool for achieving recycling in a true circular economy.
  • Avoided CO2 emissions must be fully recognised in the entire waste management chain, and not focused solely on those resulting from manufacturing processes.

FEAD’s position paper on this issue can be found here.

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