October 20, 2021

Joint-statement on taxonomy criteria for residual waste treatment for a successful sustainable circular economy

The statement has been co-signed by four associations representing the whole waste management chain at EU level: CEWEP, ESWET, MWE and FEAD.

The signatories, who initially welcomed the launch of the Platform on Sustainable Finance, view the criteria published in its preliminary report in August don’t give any guidance for the treatment of the unrecyclable residual waste to the countries that will need to design policies and take action on this crucial aspect of their waste management system.

Many Member States still heavily rely on landfills and will need investments in all of the above levels of the waste hierarchy in order to reach their 2035 targets. Other Member States will also have to ensure there are sufficient capacities for treating residual waste, even if achieving the EU recycling targets. Leaving WtE outside of the taxonomy would lead to a dead end, and to a critical situation where residual waste would miss indispensable outlet. Discuss the necessary criteria is urgently needed now, ahead of the proposal for a second Delegated Act covering the objective of circular economy. This is an absolute necessity for “highering up” the treatments in the waste hierarchy.

Read the full joint statement here: