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FEAD’s Secretariat serves as the administrative backbone of our organisation, facilitating communication, coordination, and support for our members across Europe. Committed to advancing sustainable waste management practices, our dedicated team, based in Brussels, works tirelessly to ensure the smooth operation of FEAD’s initiatives and engagements.

Baudouin Ska

Internal Transitional Advisor

Baudouin joined FEAD in January 2023 as Internal Transitional Advisor, with a mission to help FEAD grow in a serene sphere, by structuring the internal working of the association and consolidating a climate of dialogue between all the members. He has been for years member of the Management Committee of FEAD (former name of the Board) and moderator of the subcommittee Shipment and ADR. He spent half of his career in waste management companies specialized in paper and plastic recycling, in hazardous waste management and international emergency services. He was until his retirement deputy director of Denuo, the Belgian federation of the waste and recycling sector. Baudouin holds master’s in Biology, Toxicology, Environmental Engineering and Business Management. He speaks French, English, Dutch and basic German.

+32 478 06 89 06

Orla Kerrigan

Office Manager

Orla Kerrigan joined FEAD in October 2019 as an Office Manager. She has worked in similar positions for the past 20 years in Brussels; working for the European Commission, various European Federations and NGO’s, and for the private sector. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social and Organisational Psychology form the Free University of Brussels (VUB); a diploma in Business Studies from Dublin Business School and awarded the Belgian National Diploma in Business Management (Gestion). Orla speaks English and French, basic Spanish and notions of Greek.

+ 32 2 732 32 13

Aizea Astor Hoschen

Senior Legal & Policy Officer

Aizea joined FEAD in September 2021 as a Legal & Policy Officer. Aizea has a legal background in Spanish and German law and holds an LL.M. in European law, with a specialisation in environmental and energy law. Before joining FEAD, Aizea worked in a consultancy dealing with environmental, health, and safety matters. Aizea provides support and coordination to FEAD’s work on legal and policy issues, with a particular emphasis on EU environment and waste-related law, internal market, waste shipment, and competition. She speaks Spanish, German and English, has a good knowledge of French, and basic Portuguese.

+32 2 737 51 41

Paolo Campanella

Technical Officer

Paolo joined FEAD in January 2022 as the Technical Officer. He provides support and coordination to FEAD’s work on technical issues, with a particular emphasis on waste collection, material and organic recovery, chemicals and hazardous waste, and landfills. He graduated from the University of Padova with a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering, followed by a master’s degree with a specialisation in soil protection in 2012. Before joining FEAD, Paolo worked as an engineer and environmental consultant and as Technical Director for a waste management and remediation company. He is still a technical consultant for the Province of Bari where he sits on a panel evaluating and approving waste management projects. Paolo speaks Italian and English.

+32 2 737 51 44